♡ About me ♡

Hi, I'm Réka. I'm a Hungarian autistic artist and I'm the creator of all things here. 
After getting a PhD in a completely different area, I started to write, draw and create to help: I started an Instagram account (@autism_happy_place) about my autistic experiences in March 2022. 
Back then, only a couple of people knew that I was autistic so starting an Instagram account was extremely scary for me but all I knew was that even if my thoughts could help just one person, it was already worth it so I kept going on and it really helped me a lot too.
In May of the same year, professionals, autistic people, and their loved ones started to ask me on Instagram if they could purchase some of my artworks and a few months later (in August 2022) I opened my shop.
Each piece was hand-drawn and written by me and all are inspired by personal experience. Being autistic myself, I cherish all pieces as little self-care tools, and I hope they can be helpful for you or your loved one too.

I do this shop as a full time job so I appreciate every single purchase you make.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

I hope you enjoy looking around in my little shop.
For more content, check out my
Instagram account (@autism_happy_place), Facebook page (@lilpenguinstudos), YouTube Channel (@lilpenguinstudios), Tiktok (@lilpenguinstudios),
Pinterest (@lilpenguinstudios) or Twitter (@LiLPenguinStud).
What am I using to draw?
Procreate and an iPad.
The fonts that I use in my illustrations are made by me too.
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♡ Important ♡

Please keep in mind that I'm not a professional. Always ask for professional help if needed.

I'm autistic and my art & writings are based on personal experiences. All autistic people are different.

Do not use my work to self-diagnose. My work is not a substitute for professional help.

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♡ Copyright ♡

All content on my website belongs to me, and all illustrations are hand drawn by me.

Please do not not copy, imitate or trace my art.