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Autism Travel Kit (Digital) - Personal Use

Autism Travel Kit (Digital) - Personal Use

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD ONLY. No physical item will be shipped. Format: JPEG and non-fillable PDF files

Thank you for supporting my small business🐧💕

Hand-drawn & written by an autistic artist

Hi, I’m Réka, and I’m the creator of all things here. Each piece was written and hand-drawn by me and all are inspired by personal experience. 

Being autistic myself I cherish all pieces as little self-care tools, and I hope they can be helpful for you, your loved ones, or clients too.

Keep in mind that I'm not a professional. Always ask for professional help if needed. Do not use my work to self-diagnose.


What am I using to draw?

An iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate. All fonts in my artworks are hand-drawn by me too.

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As a digital product, this item is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Downloadable products are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of this item, there are no refunds.


Autism Travel Kit. 
This bundle includes the "Travel Communication Cards and Affirmations" and the "Autism Travel Planner" that you can purchase separately in my shop as well. There you can find more product pictures as well.

Contents (Autism Travel Kit):
- 18 travel communication cards on 3 sheets (all 18 cards have the same design)
- 12 airport communication cards on 2 sheets (all 12 cards have the same design)
- 6 emergency communication cards on 1 sheet (all 6 cards have the same design)
- 6 travel affirmation cards on 1 sheet (all 6 cards have the same design)
- 12 airport routine cards with affirmations on 2 sheets (all 12 cards have the same design)
- 5 cover cards for each type of cards mentioned above
- 1 card for daily basics quick check (phone, passport, etc.)
- 3 planner pages to reduce anxiety: grounding, food, playlist
- 1 journal page to prevent autistic burnout, also for fun
- 2 packing checklist pages: autistic accommodations and basics
- 59 blank versions of the cards (that were mentioned above) on 9 sheets
- 2 blank checklists
- 6 bonus blank cards with a subtle boarder only and no illustrations (if you happen to go to a country where the rules are extremely strict e.g. on the airport)

Check out the related blog post for more tips and ideas here

♡ PERSONAL USE ONLY - NOT for commercial use ♡
✩ If you would like to purchase this item for Private Practice Use, click here. ✩

 Copyright remains with LiL Penguin Studios after purchase.
 You MAY make as many copies as you want but ONLY for yourself and your family.
⚬ You may NOT use this design to sell as a design download
 You may NOT share, modify, distribute, or resell the digital file (in whole or in part) and/or the printed version.
 Please do NOT copy, trace, or imitate any of my designs.

26 files: 25 JPEG files and 1 non-fillable PDF file (including all 25 sheets). All sheets are 8,5x11 inches (A4 US letter size)
There are 6 communication, affirmation and routine cards on each sheet, so this way, each card will be 3x3 inches. (They are the same size as my other communication cards in my shop so you can put them together neatly)

⚬ Max. printing size: 8,5x11 inches of each sheet (3x3 inches/cards)
⚬ High-Resolution 300 dpi

⚬ It can be printed on any printer, however, if you want beautiful colors, professional printing (with high-quality ink) and thick art paper is highly recommended.
⚬ There may be slight color variation from your screen and the final printed product.

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Keep in mind that I am not a professional. Always ask for professional help if needed.

I am autistic and my art & writings are based on personal experiences. All autistic people are different.

Do not use my work to self-diagnose. My work is not a substitute for professional help.

♡ Copyright ♡

All content on my website belongs to me, and all illustrations are hand drawn by me.

Please do not not copy, imitate or trace my art.